CS-RT Series


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The CS-RT60 is an excellent data logger that provides an extensive array of external interfaces enabling you to collect a wide variety of sensor data and control external device ON/OFF switch with the digital output ports.


  • Providing a wide array of external interfaces
  • Collecting a variety of sensor data
  • Collecting device ON/OFF status information
  • Controlling external device ON/OFF switch
  • Collecting and transmitting data to the server
  • Receiving and processing commands through remote control


The CS-RT60 is a general-purpose data logger for environmental monitoring, suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes. It can be used as given below.

  • Every kind of farming including greenhouse farming and fish farming
  • Factory automation
  • Meteorological measurement
  • Water resources measurement



An Example of system configuration


Compatible components

The CS-RT60 can be used to detect digital/analog inputs or count pulses through the RS-232/RS-485 interfaces. Its digital inputs can be activated by 0 to 12V and analog inputs can be activated by 0 to 5V with an internally limited current 4 to 20mA.
(1) Environmental sensors (temperature/humidity)
(2) Meteorological sensors (precipitation/insolation)
(3) Water level sensors
(4) Flow sensors
(5) Pressure sensors
(6) Weight sensors (Load Cell)



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